How to Build a Router Table – A Step By Step Guide

Router TableRouter is what every woodworker would like to try. Routers are a tool used for cutting, creating, and designing wood. Having a great router table is significant in creating finest woodworks. There are different types of router tables to select from. If you’re into a financial budget and you have decided to build your own router table, you will be surprised to see that it’s a lots simpler on how to build a router table.


  • 1 piece 3 by 2 feet, 1/8-inch plywood >Construction pencil
  • Tape measure
  • Jigsaw
  • 2 pieces 3/8 inch thick 1-foot scraps of wood
  • 2 pieces 3/8 inch thick, 1/2-foot scraps of wood
  • Glue
  • Router having a straight bit
  • Straight edge guide
  • Router table insert
  • Miter track
  • 2 T-tracks
  • Split fence core


  • Trace the 9-by-12 inch insert in the middle of the plywood. With the use of a jigsaw, cut the insert in a gentle manner.
  • Using your glue, connect the four scraps of wood 3/8 inch thick to the inner sides of each of the four sides of the cutout. This makes a ledge that the router table insert is placed.
  • Purchase the aluminum router plate where it simple screw to the table. It has three center rings for the different router opening sizes.
  • Create groove four inches in from one side to the other, together with the long side of plywood. You can use the router with the straight edge as well as the straight bit guide. Set the miter track in groove.
  • Cut the T-tracks with the use of the router. Set these grooves, one on every side of the shorter sides, measuring four inches each. The T-tracks are then flush mounted, so the fence could ride on them. They are then flush with one end, going to the table top a bit over half way.
  • A split fence that goes with the tracks in the table is necessary. You can purchase either an aluminum or wood fence core.
  • Connect the table top router to the workbench the clamps to hold it down, or allow it to be secured it to the table legs that you create. The legs could be as easy as building a wood box bug enough to support the whole router table.

Some warning and recommendations:

  • Russian birch is a good piece of wood to be used as fence core.
  • Router tables are easily not wear out because any changes in the surroundings. So, fasten all the layers of wood all together to strengthen the table top.

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